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The Sucy Law Office is there for you when your life changes in an instant and losing is not an option. Stephen J. Sucy is a former Maine Assistant Attorney General, and he has been fighting for Mainers’ rights since 1995. Sucy Law expertly represents individuals and families in Auburn, ME in a variety of legal matters, including personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, social security disability, employment discrimination, divorce and criminal law. Give us a call today at (800) 475-3163 when losing is not an option!

Call Us When You Are Injured In Androscoggin County

At Sucy Law Office, we have handled a number of different personal injury cases since we opened our doors over 15 years ago. From automobile accidents to defective products, we have the experience to win cases for our clients in Maine. We can meet with you and your family even if you are still in the hospital. Here are some of the personal injury cases that we are capable of representing for you:
• Car accidents
• Trucking accidents
• Bus accidents
• Motorcycle accidents
• Train or railroad crossing accidents
• Pedestrian accidents
• Slip and fall accidents
• Wrongful death
• Defective products
• Medical negligence
• Injury or death from animals
• Worker’s compensation claims
• Social security disability

Working Hard To Maximize Your Social Security

If you are unable to go back to work and it is expected you will not go back to work for at least one year, Sucy Law Office will not accept a fee until you are awarded your benefits. Our attorneys are fierce and hard working, and they have won the recognition of the legal community for you to obtain your disability rights.

Looking Out For You In a Messy, Stressful Divorce

At Sucy Law Office, we know that a divorce can be frustrating, stressful and messy when both parties are hurting. We encourage our clients to resolve their differences out of court without trial whenever it is possible. We will be there with you through this stressful time and make sure you get the most favorable results possible. We help our clients with divorce matters like:
• Child Custody and Visitation
• Child Support
• Spousal Support
• Property Settlement
• Debt Allocation
• Unmarried Child Custody and Support
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Confused About Child Custody? We Clear it Up

Are you afraid that you will lose child custody or visitation rights? If you are feeling that way, then it is time to contact Stephen J. Sucy about representing you. He will fight for your rights for reasonable visitation with your children and child support, and make everything clear for both parties. If that sounds like something you want, then you need to hire our firm.
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