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Need Advice Right Away? Do Not Talk To The Police After Arrest

When people are arrested and are waiting arraignment in Oxford County, sometimes they panic and think they have to talk to the police regarding the facts of the case. We strongly advise against this. Call Sucy Law Office right away at (800) 475-3163 and we will protect your rights. Know that talking with the police will only harm your case in the long run if you make admissions regarding your conduct because the statement will be used in court.

Just Know We Will Be With You In This Time Of Need

Once you have called Sucy Law Office to take your case, we will get to work right away on zealously fighting for your rights. You can trust that no matter what the charge is, we have the knowledge and confidence to defend you in court with any criminal case, including:
• Aggravated and simple assault
• Domestic violence/assault
• Operating after suspension
• Protection from abuse
• Drug possession
• Drug possession with intent to sell
• Drug trafficking
• Forgery
• Operating after revocation
• Sex crimes
• Theft and robbery
• Armed robbery
• Gun/weapon charges
• Terrorizing

Sucy Goes After Drunk Drivers Responsible For Loved One’s Death

You are devastated right now because a drunk driver killed a family member. Your loved one was obeying the rules of the road, but their life was taken in an instant. At Sucy Law, we know that no amount of money can bring them back. We will get compensation for medical and funeral expenses and loss of income.

Worker’s Compensation is Your Right If Injured At Work

If you are injured at work, Sucy Law Office will fight to maximize your workers’ compensation and will not accept any fee unless you have won an award. Our attorneys are fierce, hard working, experienced and have gained a reputation for fighting aggressively for our clients. We can even meet with you and your family in the hospital. If you get hurt on the job, you are entitled to appropriate compensation for your injuries. It is the law in Maine.
See Sucy Law Office for your worker's compensation needs

You Will Have The Best On Your Side During Divorce

At Sucy Law Office, we know that a divorce can be frustrating, stressful and messy when both parties are hurting. We encourage our clients in Oxford County to resolve their differences out of court without trial whenever it is possible. If not possible, we will fight for you to obtain the best results. We will be there with you through this stressful time and make sure you get the most favorable results possible.

You Will Have The Best On Your Side During Divorce

Are you confused or unhappy about child custody or visitation arrangement? If you are feeling that way, then it is time to contact Stephen J. Sucy about representing you. He will fight for your rights for reasonable visitation with your children and child support, and make everything clear for both parties. If that sounds like something you want, then you need to hire our firm.
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